Zad. Write your answers
Interviwer: Where do you live,and how long have you lived there?
You: I live you..
Interviwer: What's it like for young people?
Interviwer:What facilities are there?Which ones do you use?
Interviwer: What's the best thing and the wrost thing about the place?



I live in Poland, in Krakow city, in big detached house. I have lived hear for 14 years.
It is nice, but sometimes I don't like my city and my neigbours.
In my house there are a lot of audio equipment. I always use my computer.
the worst thing is fact I have fool neigbours, and the best is fast everywhere there are a lot of shops ;)

Nie wiem czy o to chodziło, gdyz pytania nie są sprecyzowane. Nie mam pojęcia czy dotyczyły mieszkania czy miasta. jak coś to pisz prywatne ;)