Siemka pilne !!
Mam Takie zadanie z angielskiego zad 28.str 41 Książka Click on 2 gimnazjum w książce prosze daje połowe swoich pkt prosze !
Oczywiście daj naj. odp. Warto Dzieki z góry czekam do 5 godzin :D:P

Napisać tam na 120 - 150 słów tytuł tego to "W płomieniach"



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In flames

When I calmly sat quietly at home nothing indicated that this day could be so dangerous. Once the game has already bored me very quietly excluded him and lay down. There was no one at home so little scared but locked apartment has calmed down a little. Suddenly, after a while, woke up and felt a strange smell. Came from behind the door and was very suffocating. I got up and saw that the door was mined from the smoke. I went to the door behind which one could feel the heat. I wanted to open the door but the handle was terribly inflamed. Fortunately, I started to think logically and calmly, and I called the fire department. Suddenly the door began to burn, and tongues of flame spurt. I was sure it was the end but luckily the firefighter entered the house and helped me get out of this dangerous trap.

mam nadzieje że pomogłam ;]
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