Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) kolejno do wpisania
Have you listened, I have just bought, it hasn't was, I haven't heard, they have just arrived, I have bought, I haven't had, have you arranged, I haven't made

2) Odpowiedzi szczegółowe musisz sama napisać , nie znam tekstu
Has Bary heard City Life?
Have City Boys was in Britain long?
Has Gabi bought tickets for their concert?
Has Gabi invited Sally to the concert?
Has Bary plained anything for tomorrows evening?

3) Pedro hasn' bought a quitar? He has bought a computer game.
Laura hasn't sent an email to her parents. She has sent it to best friend
Tomek hasn't lost his watch.He has lost his map
Gabi hasn't phoned her parents once. She has phoned them three times.
Laura and Tomek haven't recorded a song They have recorded a video

4) Has she asked Sally to helped her? No, she hasn't
Has she decided what to film? Yes she has
Has she closed her cast? No she hasn't
Has she had a rehearsalf? No she hasn't
Has she put a cassette in the cinema? Yes she has

5) Jack has just bought some new jeans
The actors have just started the rehearsal
Paula and Kate have just finished dinner
Gabi has just invited Ben to the concert
The group has just had a diving lesson
Tomek has just took a photo
The train has just left
We have just saw the film

6) Greg is wearing a YTV badge
Ben is learning Spanish
Carol has worked out how to use the camera
She has recorded Jack and Sally's conversation
Jack has tired to talk to Carol
Sally is friendly to Jack

7) squirrel, deer, cow, goat, pig, sheep, duck

8) 1- X, 2 - V, 3 - V,4 - V, 5 - V, 6 - V, 7 - V, 8 - X

3 3 3