Ułóż zdania z wyrazami po angielsku:
go horse riding, join us, shall we meet, work together, sounds great, can't wait, hit, great fun, wait for, have a good time, try snowboarding, the rivers runs, take home, book early, relax by pool,very popular, have a wonderful time ride horses,fabulous.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Every day after school me and my friend go horse riding.
Today we are going to go to the cinema, do you want join us?
Schall we meet tomorrow?
Can we work together?
Wow! You`re sounds are great!
I can`t wait for summer.
Do you have a good time in last party?
In this holidays I`m going to try snowboarding.
The rivers runs can be fast.
I must take home this book from school library.
In book early are a lot of difficult expressions.
My mum often relax by pool after work.
My school is very popular in our country.
We have a wonderful time, when we ride horses.
I don`t like fabulous world.
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