These animals are very friendly are very sweet
They are man's best friends
They have got heart in themselves and everyone will fall in love with them
They can defend everything when it is necessary przytulic when they are sad
These animals live in a few mountain ranges in central China.
They are endangered species.
They have got black and white fur.
They can usually live to be 25–30 years old in captivity.

polar bears
These animals are the largest bears.
They are vurnelable (nie objęte ochroną) species.
They have many body characteristics adapted for cold temperatures.
They can have weigh around 350–680 kg.


These animals are reptiles of the order Testudines.
They are legally protected.
They have got cartilaginous shells, which act as shields.
They can hide in their shells when they feel dangered.


These animals are marine mammals that are closely related to whales.
They are very clever so it's easy to train them.
They have got a friendly appearance.
They can also be a bit agressive from time to time.

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These animal is panda. They are endangered species. They have got white and black hair. They can climb on the trees.
These animal is polar bear. They are the largest land predator. They have go white hair. They can swim well.
These animal is turtle. They are very slow. They have tomb, hard crust.They can swim a long time.
These animal is dolphin. They are vigorous. They have .They can hunt with sharks.