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Next month I'm coming to your country for the first time! What are the best places to see, and where should I stay? And what will the weather be like - what clothes should I bring ? Could you give me some suggestions and advice?
any thanks!

Proszę o szybką odpowiedź potrzebne na jutro.! :)
Daje naj.:)
Jak ktoś jest z 2gim to zadanie znajduje się w ćwiczeniach inspiration workbook elementary 2 ( takie niebieskie) na stronie 61 lesson 4



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I 'm glad that you are coming up. I think you'll like it.I think you should stay in Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of our country, there are many sights you can visit, so you will not be bored.In Warsaw there are many hotels, where could you sleep.Be sure you should visit the Golden Terraces it's shopping centre.You should visit several museums, a park called the bathroom and go to the cinema.Bring most of the things hot in March, is cold with us.Be sure to take a hot shoe, because it is a lot of snow.If you have questions, write.
See you soon!
I recommend you to Egypt. There are a lot of interesting things such as the pyramids. Very interesting pyramid is known Sphinx. But not only. There are beautiful views, which overlook the unforgettable images.
I think the weather will be good. That is to say will heat up very much. So take with you some airy summer clothes.
You should avoid swimming in lakes and canals. Not allowed to photograph military installations, bridges and ports.
I think this is enough. I wish you a pleasant journey.