Write an informal thank-you letter of 120-150 words. Use the plan to help you:

Paragraph 1
Say thank you. Say what the present is and say something about it: What's like? Why do you like it? Have you used it?

Paragraph 2
Say what you did on the special occasion. Say what other present you received.

Paragraph 3
Say thank you again.

Proszę o pomoc. Za rzetelną pracę dam najlepsze;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Julia,
Thank you so much for the money that you sent me for my birthday. They was helpful me. I bought a new top. It was in the sale. It's blue, soft and fits. very well. I've worn it last weekend. For a rest of the money I went to the cinema with Tom. We saw "Kup teraz" and we thought that the film was great.
I spent my birthday with my close family and I have nice memories. We ate a sweet cake and we have a small party at home. My parents gave me an mobile phone ( NOKIA 6300 ). I waited for this all my holidays. Tom gave me the new jeans and a blouse from Abercrombie and Fitch.
Write soon. Thanks again for the gift.

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