There was a dangerous fire in your town yesterday
Imagane that you are a reporter and write an article
for your local magazine describing what happend.
Use as many words from the box as possible

- call the fire brigade
- children
- flames
- fire - fighters
- kitchen
- play with matches
- put out the fire
- rescue
- smoke

w skrócie trzeba zrobić krótki reportaż że był pożar z wyrazami z ramki . proszę pomóżcie . !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Yesterday, in the capital of Poland- Warsaw, there was very serious blaze. One of the witness have walking along the street and saw very thick smoke which is coming from one of the hauses near him. He also saw how flames are coing out from roof and garage. He immidiastly call the fire brigade, which come on the scene in 3 minutes after call. They take away all the children from neighburhood and enter the house by kitchen. They tried to stop the fire but they can't do anything. The cheff call fire- fighters and then they put out the fire. In the sime-time one of witnesses get in house and rescue the child, becouse he heard his voice. When rescue- brigade came and take care of the boy, the police have heard from him that he play with matches and when burning matches fall down on carpet he cannot stop the fire.
For the evening news, ( twoje imię :] )
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