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Hank out of his cell.
"The stake is ready", they said. "Follow us".
Hank walked out into courtyard and saw that it was full of people. King Arthur and his wife, Guinevere, were sitting in the centre. The soldiers brought Hank to the centre of the courtyard and tied him to the stake. As they preparing to light the fire, Hank thought, 'Please let this be the day and time of the eclipse! I don't want to die!', he turned to the king and said, "You are making a mistake, your Majesty. You must let me go, or I will make the sun disappear.' Everyone looked up at the sky. It was getting dark, and the sun was slowly disappearing. "Stop at once!" the king shouted to the soldiers. "Do not light the fire! Fair sir, i did not believe the message I geard yesterday. But it is true! You must be very powerful magician. Please, please bring back the sun, and I will give you anything you want!". The sky was completely dark. Everyone was scared and begging Hank to save them. Hank could not believe it. 'I'm actually in the year 528! I was right about the eclipse! I must take advantage of the situation,' he thought. He waited a few seconds, and then answered. "I will bring back the sun, good King, but you must do something for me. You must let me work for you. I can help this kingdom in many ways. That is all that I ask," Hank said. "Set him free at once!"the King shouted. "He is now second, only to me! Dress him and treat him like the prince!" Hank was free at last. He looked up at the sky and saw that the eclipse was nearly over. "Thank you fair King," he said. "Now, let this spell pass and let the sun shine again!" Hank shouted as he lifted up his hands towards the sky. The sun slowly came out again, and everyone started clapping and cheering. Only one man was silent. He was Merlin, King Arthur's magician. Merlin did not like Hank, but Hank did not notice this. He was too busy feeling proud and very, very powerful.

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THE NEWS OF HANK'S MIRACLE SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE country. Thousands of people came to King Artur's castle to see this new and very powerful magician, and this made Hank a little nervous. 'I must make another miracle happen, otherwise, these people will not believe that I am magician,' Hank thought. But he could not think of anything new to do. A couple of days passed and the people were arleady shouting for a new miracle. Merling took avantage of that. "He is not a real magician," he said. "He cannot produce another miracle. He was fooled us all." Hank heard this and became very upset with Merlin. He immediately went out onto his balcony and shouted to the people. "Listen everyone! Merling says things about me, but they are not true. I am great magician and Merlin will se that very soon. I will blow up Merlin's stone tower with fires from heaven! Just wait a little and you will see the greatest miracle of all time!". With the help of Clarence, Hank began to prepare for his new miracle. They filled Merlin's tower with bags of dynamite, and attached a large metal rod to the top of the tower. Then, they waited for a thunder storm. Two weeks went by and nothing happened. The people were tired of waiting. But then one day the rain came and lighting filled the sky.