Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
We are going on our school trip next week.
That pupil is very auiet during the lesson.
After the end of this school year I'm going to high school.
The lesson started at 8.00am.
In the classroom is very noisy today.
The teacher talk to Kate , that she must bring a chalk.
I must go to school tomorrow, becouse I have an exam.
I feel that winter break soon.
The staff room is near the toilets.
The principal is sitting on his chair.
1. Do you want to go to the school trip thats next week ?
2. There is a new pupil in our classroom.
3. I am starting high school next year.
4. What lesson do you have next ?
5. Our classroom is very big.
6. We don't have anymore chalk.
7. Why didn't you go to school today?
8. I can't wait for the winter break.
9. The staff room is for the teachers.
10. The principal is the most important person in school.