Napisać o moim ulubionym bohaterze z serialu. (angielski)
MIanowicie o Joannie Osydzie ( czyli Majce ) w serialu Majka może też być inna posatć

W 1 paragrafie. Coś o serialu w jakim gra, jego rodzaj, gdzie się rozgrywa i o czym ogólnie jest.

W 2 paragrafie o charakterze bohatera., imię, co robi, wygląd.

W 3 paragrafie Why do I like my charakter and the soap his/her in ?

Pilne !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite film heroine is Majka (played by Joanna Osyda). Serial "Majka" is about young girl, who became pregnant by an accident in a clinic. Her hobby and job are connected with photography. She fell in love in her boss, architect Michał. She live in Cracow.

Majka is young and so pretty. She has long, brown hair, she is slim and sunny. She is such a nice person, with sense of humour and also very intelligent.

I like her, cause she is sincere, sociable and friendly. And I like making photos too. Generally film is great, has interesting plot and it isn't banal like other.