Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Użytkownik Zadane
Today in school was very boring. Teachers ask for use many homework. When I can do it? After the school I was going to home. Suddenly Justyna called to me and say: "Come to school! Speedily! We must be on Germany lesson!". So I got dressed and I went to school. After I ate a dinner, did my homework and clean my room. Now I'm writing this note. I must to finish and go to bed. Bye,bye!!!

Uff. Luckily, lessons was finish. They again were very boring. But on break boys were fight! It lasted, that they were land up at principal. Now I'm with girls at library. We want borrow a interesting books about teenagers problems. Oh, I must finish! Guys are going to me! Bye!

Today I was going with Amy on a spending spree. I bought new bag, skirt and shoes. I spend over fifty zloty! Next I drove with my family to picnic. It was suprising. Today I must yet doing my homework. WoW! This week was very nice!
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