Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Clean,cleaner,the cleanest
rich,richer,the richest
poor,poorer,the poorest
beautiful, more beautiful,the most beautiful
ugly,uglier,the ugliest
pretty,prettier,the prettiest
handsome,more handsome,the most handsome
boring,more boring,the most boring
expenisive,more expensive, the most expensive
tall,taller,the tallest
high,higher,the highest
old,older,the oldest
stupid,more stupid,the most stupid
young,younger,the youngest
large,larger,the largest
slim,slimmer,the slimest
fat,fatter,the fattest
Clean cleaner the cleanest
rich richer the richest
cheap cheaper the cheapest
poor poorer the poorest
beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful
ugly uglier the ugliest
pretty prettrier the prettiest

handsome more handsome the most handsome
boring, more boring, the most boring,
expenisive more expenisive the most expenisive
tall taller the talliiest
high highter the highiest

old, older the oldest
stupid stupider the stupidest
young younger the youngiest

large larger the largiest
slim slimer the slimest

fat fater the fatest