Hilary Ann Lisa Duff was born in 28 September 1987 in Houston, Texas, USA. She is an actress and a singer. She is an idol of many American teen girls and not only. In 2003 she conquered a title of "Hottest Teen Female Star". In 2005 Hilary was in 4th spot on the list of most influential young people in Hollywood and in the list of 50 most beautiful people of the world. These lists were made from magazine "Teen People".
When Hilary was 6 years, she started dancing. She traveled with the Cechetti Ballet. She lived in Houston and then in Los Angeles. When the dance bored Hilary, she thought about acting. She say 'When my sister wanted to be an actress, I wanted this too. Similarly it was with singing'. But Hil outstrip her sister.
Hilary Duff started her career in 1997 in the small serials "True Women" with Rachel Leigh Cook, "Casper Meets Wendy"(1998) and "Soul Collector"(1999). But she made a debut in the Disney's serial "Lizzie McGuire". She played a teenager, Lizzie, with her problems and adventures. Hilary was nominated for the best actress in comedy serial for kids. The other films with Hil are worth to watch. There are some of them: "Cadet Kelly"(2002), "The False Twelve" I(2003) and II(2005), "The Cinderella Story"(2004), "The Perfect Man"(2005) and "Material Girls"(2006) with Hylie Duff. The she become a singer. She recorded 4 albums. The album "Santa Claus Lane" was assign for Christmas. When she was older she recorded top albums "Metamorphosis", "Hilary Duff" and "Most Wanted" with the hits like "So yesterday", "Come Clean", "Fly" or "Wake up".
Hilary Duff has mother Susan, father Bob and a older sister Hylie. Her mum is Hil's producent. Hylie is an antress and a singer but she always was at the back of Hilary. Hil loves animals. She has two dogs. When she has free time, she goes in for sport. She likes swimming, tumbling, rollerblading, practicing tae-bo, doing yo-yo tricks and walking on her hands. But she loves to meet with friends. She participates in a lot of Charity Campagin like Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund and Youth Advisary Committee of Kids with A Cause.
Hilary Duff is tall and slim.She is beautifull women!.
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