My family is very big. I have got mather. Her name is (np.Anna). She's (podaj wiek twojej mamy). She is (podaj jej zawód). My father's name is (wpisz imię). He's (podaj wiek). He is (podaj zawód). I have got two brothers and one sister. My brother's names are Grzesiek and Marcin. Grzesiek is 13. Marcin is younger, he's 10 years old. My sister's name is Marysia. She is 9 years old.(jeżeli masz inne rodzestwo to musisz pozmieniać trochę ;D) I have got two grandfathers and two grandmothers. My grandfathers' names are Edward and Stanisław. My grandmathers' names are Jadwiga and Krystyna. I have got little cousin. Her name is Nikola. She is 5. She is very sweet and friendly. I have got a dog. It's name is Max. My family is the best.
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