Person who changed my life - my sister ( i w tym chcialabym zeby bylo ze mi daje wsparcie nie tlyko psuchiczne ale i tez materialne pomaga mi we wszytskim po tym jak nasza mama zmarla itp praca dosc dluga bo musze ja przeczytac przed klasa :(



Everything this person is before over my mums which (who) death I lean love swa, it scants she (its; her; it) me very, about each day her (it) mysle but < cure > everything without she (it) such strange it (them) < eat > and other, there is hardly me, it does not reach an agreement with familiar and so on, with nothing not radze, everything I can if make return and now there was from (with) I here, everything it is changed so in course of time, I has been changed be for I even exemplar and I love example and there will be so. !!