Napisz LIST do swojego przyjaciela opisując w nim swój 1 DZIEŃ W SZKOLE zaraz po wakacjach (ten rok). Oczywiście po Angielsku.
120 - 150 słów - nie można przekroczyć, nie wrzucać z translatora i nie kopiować z internetu... to jest ostrzeżenie, dość tu spamerów mamy. Na JUŻ



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Mike,
How are you? Holidays have just finished but I am still thinking about our trip to London. It was fantastic. I'm writing to tell you about my first day at school.
The first of September was the worst day in my life! I got up at 7 o'clock, looked out of the window and saw it was pouring down with rain. I quickly put a shirt and a suit on, took an umbrella and went to school. When I was walking, suddenly a car passed by me and splashed me with dirty water from a puddle on the street. When I got to school I was soaking wet. Everybody was looking at me! The headmaster's speech lasted hours and I was shaking like a leaf during the whole formal part. Then we went to our classrooms. It was great to see all those faces after the two months of holiday. Unfortunately, then our teacher came and gave us our schedule. We have almost thirty lessons this year!
Now I'm sitting at home with a high temperature and a terrible sore throat after my first day at school.
Write to me as soon as possible and tell me about your first day. I'm looking forward to your letter.
Best wishes
Dear Tom, Hi,how are you?I wantet for you describe one day in school.No it so: In the morning:I get up at 7:00.I have breakfast,next I brusch my teeth ,I wash my self,next I get dressed,wear and I go to school.I by on foot.It's takes mit 10.I start school at 8:00.I have 6 lessons.In school I learn,read a book.I meet my friends,I talk with my classmate.I eat lunch at 12:00.I ask and answer guestions.I finisch lessons at 13:35.I go home and eat dinner.