Ułóż zdania (a-g) w takiej kolejności,aby powstał logiczny i spójny tekst.Wybierz właściwą odpowiedż (a,b lub c).
a Then,when your stuff is safe,you can begin to paddle.
b Finally,when the trip is over,the organisers will pick you up and take you back to the meeting point.
c When you're going on a canoeing trip,remember the following advice.
d Next,put your lifejacket on before getting into the canoe.
e First of all,arrive on time at the meeting point.
f Make sure that all your things,such as clothes ,a mobile phone and a camera,are placed in a waterproof bag.
g Don't stand up in the canoe while paddling,because it can easily turn over.
A e_d_f_a_g_b_c
B c_e_d_f_a_g_b
C c_e_g_f_a_d_b
dzięki ;)



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