Możecie sprawdzić czy ten list jest dobrze napisany i nie ma błędów.

Thank you for your letter received from you. I am pleased that you are happy to come to you. I will arrive in August and I'm going at you to bacome two weeks. I went to airport three hours. I'm sure that spend at you nice moments and I'll have only nice remembrances. Regarding the mobile phone to have him. I'll ring you as I would in the train. If oneself you will come late, I'll be waiting at the station. As for me I am not demanding. As for the food and drink that I like everything. I don't smoke. If I can pick I want a single room. I'm sending you a my photo. If you have any further questions please write.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Dobrze napisany! BRAWO : D