Daje naj ;D potrzebne na dzisiaj.Potrzeba mi napisać broszure na temat klubu sportowego i odpowiedzi na pare pytań.Wszystko pisze w ćwiczeniach ;) Daje naj ;D potrzebne na dzisiaj.Ex 10 najważniejsze

ex8. You are going to write a brochure for a sports and health club. Make notes to answet the questions
1. What's the name of your club and where is it?
2.Why is the best?Who goes there?
3.What has the club got ?
4.How can people spend their time at the club?
5.What specjalists are there?
6.How do people feel when they leave

ex.9 Choose some of these ideas for your brochure
Activites: Taekwondo, rafting, climbing
Places: tennis court, swimming pool, sauna
People: piercing specjalist, beauty specialist, tattoo artist

ex.10Write a brochure for your sports and health club> Look again at the model text and use your ideas from exercises 8 and 9



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My club name is "Fitness club " and it is in Warsaw.
2. It is the best because we have very good coaches. To my club are going famouse people too.
3. It has a gym, swimming pool, tennis court and footbal pitch.
4. They can play football, swimming, and do the gymnastic.
5. The specialist for my club is tattoo artist.
6.People who leave the club feel very well.
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