Napisz opowiadanie o wypadku 2 ludzi w górach i ich niezwykłym ocaleniu dzięki zadzwonieniu pod nr 999. Pomogą ci pytania :
1. Who are the people and how old are they ? Where are they from ?
2. Where were they and what were they doing when they got into trouble ?
3.What happened to them ? Did they get lost or have an accident ? Was someone injured ?
4. Who did the contact to ask for help ? How did they make contact ?
5. What happened when help arrived ? How were the people rescued ?
6. What did they say after the rescue ?

Z góry dzięki ;**



Two great fellows, John and Jason went on a trip in the mountains. They have known each other for ages because they were neigbours living in one of the most charming villages in Austria. What more, they both were 23 years old and studied in the same university.
They loved spending time together and were extremly keen on climbing. One day they set off on trip in the Alps. When they got to the top,they could enjoy wonderful views. After some time they wanted to go back and then, all of the sudden, it started to rain. To make the matter worse, Jason slipped and fell down. He lost consciousness. John get scared at the beginning but then he calmed down and called 999. Soon help arrived and took Jason to hospital.
Luckily, nothing serious happened to Jason. He only had a sprained ankle. Men were very grateful for help and promised to be more careful next time.

Bardzo proszę o naj :)
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