Andy: Mum, can you give me some of your jewellery?
Mother: My jewellery?! What for?
Any: I can't tell you now. Mum, please! Just two rings and a bracelet, please!
Mother: No way. Forget it.

Mother: Andy, Kelly- hurry up. It's time for school.
Kelly: I'm ready! Andy, where are you going?
Andy: I must get something from my desk.
Kelly: It's late.
Andy: I know. I 'm leaving in a minute.

Andy: Mum, we had a fantastic lesson tody. Our teacher told us a lot about pirates. They we pretended to be real pirates.
Mother: When did you do as pirates?
Andy: We looked for a treasure chest.
Mother: Did you find it?
Andy: Yes, we fond it in the corner of the schoolyard. Look, there it is!

Kelly: Mum, there was a thief in my room!
Mother: What are you talking about?
Kelly: Yesterday, my jewellery box was on my desk. I'm sure it was there because I put my necklace in it. The box isn't there anymore!
Mother: Andy, I think you can explain it. Am I right?
Andy: Kelly, don't be angry with me, please. I've got your box. It's a bit dirty but I didn't lose anything. I was a pirate and I needed a treasure chest!

Napisać jak się to czyta po angielsku!
z góry dzięki:) <33



ENDI: mam, kan ju giw mi sam of jor dzerwerly
MADER: my dzerwerly? łat for?
ENDI: aj cant tel ju nał. Mam plis. dżast tu rings and a brejselet, plis.
MADER: No łej. ferget it

MADER: Endi keli heri ap its tajm for skul
KELI: ajm redi. Endi łer ar ju gołing?
ENDI: aj mast get samfing from maj desk
KELI: Its lejt
Endi: aj noł. ajm liwing in e mynyt

ENDI:Mam łi had e fatnastik leson tudej. ałer ticzer told as e lot ebałt pirejtes. den łi pridendet to bi ril pirejtes.
MADER:łen did ju do es pirejtes?
Endi: łi lokd for e treżer czest.
MADER: Did ju fajnd it?
ENDI: Jes łi fond it in de korner of de skoljard. lok ter is it

KELI: Mam der łas a tif in maj rum
MADER:łat ar ju toking ebałt?
KELI:Jesterdej me dzerwerly boks łas on maj desk ajm szur it łas der bikoz aj put my nekles in it the bosk izynt der enimor!
MADER: Endi aj fink ju ken ekspejn it. am aj rajt?
ENDI: Keli dont bi engri łif mi plis ajw got jor boks its a bit dirti bat aj didynt los enyfink aj łas a pirejt end aj nidyd a treżer czest!
Endi : Mam, ken ju giw mi sam of jor dżewelleri?
mader: maj dżewelleri.łat for?
A. aj kent tel ju nał.Mam plis. dżast tu rings end e brazilet plis.
m. noł łej. forget yt.

Mader; Endi Keli hari ap.Yts tajm for skól
K. Ajm redi. Endi wer ar ju gołing?
A. Aj mast get samfing for maj desk
K. Yts lejt
A. Aj noł. Ajm liwing in e minyt

A.Mam łi hef a fantastik leson tudej. Ałer ticzer told as e lot ebałt pajrets.Tej łi pretendet to bi rili pajrets.
M. Łen did ju do as pajrets?
A Wi luked for triszur czest
M. Did ju fajnd yt?
A Jes łi fałd yt in de korner of de skóljard.Lók der ys yt.