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Sandomierz is a city and municipality in the Świętokrzyskie Province, in the district of Sandomierz, located on the Vistula River (268.5 km from its source, and 673.7 kilometers from its mouth to the Baltic Sea), on seven hills (hence the city is sometimes called "little Rome "), on the border of the Sandomierz Upland. Industrial part of town called Nadbrzeziem is on the right bank of the Vistula in Sandomierz Basin. The name comes from the name of the city Sędomir, widespread throughout the Slavic (Czech: cf., Rus. And Serbo-chor. Sudomir].
Historically located in the Malopolska region in Sandomierz.
First traces of human presence in these areas, found in archaeological excavations, are from the Neolithic. The settlement - in the tenth century in the castle hill, from the eleventh century castle, seat of the Prince and the capital city. Built next to the house later Dlugosz was in the vicinity of the second castle, which gave rise to the city. Thanks to its location on the Vistula, at the crossing trade route from Western Europe to Russia, Sandomierz rapidly gaining in importance. During the partitions Sandomierz became the borderline between the city of the Polish Kingdom and Galicia, and has lost its relevance administrative, and economic. In addition, was quite seriously damaged by the First World War. After regaining independence by Poland in the town burst with stagnation and began to grow robustly. According to the plans of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski of 1935 was soon to become the capital of the Central Industrial District with over 100 thousand. residents. In 1939 he had become the capital of the new province. These plans ruined World War II.

Soviet troops invaded Sandomir August 18, 1944. The city was spared the devastation of war. In the years 1975-1998 the town administratively belonged to the Tarnobrzeg region. Now is a medium sized town in the district Świętokrzyskie province and an important tourist center.