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Walc Angielski – Posiada metrum muzyczne ¾, tzn. w każdym takcie słyszymy trzy równe uderzenia. Jest tańcem bardzo spokojnym, często porównywanym do statku płynącego po falującym morzu. Pary taneczne oddają ten charakter poprzez płynne unoszenia i opadania podczas tańca. Nazywany jest reprezentantem tańców standardowych, ponieważ na turniejach tańca towarzyskiego tańczony jest jako pierwszy.



English walz
He came into being at the beginning XX in. with quick connection, called rotational Viennese walz and slow American dance bostonem.

It famous "English phlegm" and reluctance were attributed was to quick dances the births of new, free walz, and also promoted by young dancers fashion, who they began the style of dance made similar to walk. The basic figures of cylinder be leaning on movement after slant line, which permits on smooth shifting around parquet floor, in reverse direction to movement of clock pointers.

Estimating the judges look for realization of dance pendulum ( the swing tzw.) the movement with different variants convections and falls in duration every tact.

Though steps are straight lines enough they have to be smooth, full grace and lightness. She should glide after parquet floor in ideal harmony peer. In English walz very important keeping partners, throughout is it should nie change the time of dance. Dancers' figures should similarly to be invariable and to create beautiful long rope. English walz has contact to be danced in tzw., that is dancers' body meet from knees, until to partner's mostka.

Though it is then dance defined as free, it from tournament dancers requires good shape and burdens alloys strongly.

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English Waltz
Emerged in the early twentieth century from a combination of speed, rotational Viennese waltz and slow dance called the Boston American.

Birth of a new, free roller attributed to the famous "English flegmie" and an aversion to fast dances, and fashions promoted by the young dancers, who initiated the dance style made like to walk ....
English walz – musical metre 3/4, tzn. Possesses in every tact we hear three even hitting. It is very quiet dance, compared to flowing after rolling sea ship often. The dancing steams give back this character across smooth raising and the fall of during dance. The representative of standard dances be called, because he on tournaments of sociable dance be danced as first.