Complete with the past simple, past continuous, or past perfect.

1. A How...?(the accident/happen)
B He...back from Manchester when he...a tree.(drive/hit)
2. the meal when to say they couldn't come.(already/start,call)
3. When I got home I was really tired,so I ....a shower bed.(have,go)
4. I arrived too late.The concert...and my friends...home.(finish,go)
5. The driver...control of his car because he...on his mobile. (lose,talk)



Did the accident happened, was driving,hit, had already started ,called,had,went,finished,went,lost,talked
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1. A How did the accident happened?
B He was driving back from Manchester when he hit a tree.
2. I had already started cooking the meal when they called me to say they couldn't come.
3. When I got home I was really tired,so I had a shower and went to bed.
4. I arrived too late.The concert finished and my friends went home.
5. The driver lost control of his car because he talked on his mobile.

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