My home will remind a manor-house or something in this style. It will be made of wood.My house will be quite big. Around my house there will be very big farmyard with trees, small pond and allotment with flowers and maybe some vegetables and fruit.
In one of the corners there could be an orchard.In the house of my dreams there will be four or five bedrooms, three bathrooms, one big livingroom and one kitchen.
The kitchen will be light and spatial. There will be a big table with ten or more chairs around it and cupboards.
In the livingroom there will be a fireplace, many shelves with books, some sofas and armchairs. coffee table, Hi-Fi system with many loudspeakers located in the whole house. There will be also Sony home cinema and a computer maybe a laptop. On the walls there will hang pictures. In the livingroom there could be antique furniture.

In the bathrooms there will be showers and baths. Of course in my house there will be a wardrobe.
In bedrooms there will be carpets matching wallpapers. Only in the livingroom there will be parquet and wainscot. In the livingroom there will be the French window to the terrace with grill and Jacuzzi.
I hope that I will live in a house like the one I have described.
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