Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Patrycja,

I’m writting to you becouse in your last letter you asked me how Sue is feeling after Mike left her. As you know she was very sad but now she is happy again! She started to go out and she discovered a new love!
His name is Tom and they met on Linkin Park concert last month. They are together for two weeks now and I think that they are in love.
Tom is tall and athletic. He is very handsome, too. I think that the best in his temper is that he is always relaxed and calm. Tom influences on bad-tempered Sue. For example, one day Mike went to our club with his new girlfriend. Sue and Tom didn’t be together yet. Sue got really angry. Tom was with us and she didn’t make a scene.
Anyway, I think that their connection will be long becouse they are really happy together.