Sophie: I like these baggy trousers.
mum: i'm sorry, Sophie. They're too casual. They're just not smart enough for a wedding. What about this flowery dress?
sophie: Mum, jou know i like plain things.
Beth: this plain blue mini-skirt is nice, Sophie.
Sophie: yes, it's not bad. What size is it?
beth: it's size 10
sophie: excuse me. Can i try this skirt on, please?
assistant: Sure. the changing rooms are over there.
mum: mm... i think the skirt is a bit too thight.
sophie:Mum, you're so old-fashioned! I found this nice striped cardigan too.
mum: You can have the cardigan but not the skirt.
girl: excuse me. i think you've got my cardigan. I left it in the changing room!

1. check
Read the dialogue again and say who likes these clothes.
1 the baggy trousers
2 the flowery dress
3 the plain blue mini-skirt
4 the striped cardigan



Sophie likes baggy trousers and striped cardigan
mum likes flowery dress and striped cardigan
beth and sophie likes plain blue mini-skirt