Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If I go to the park, I will play basketball with my friends.
If you invite us to the party, we would come.
If we cleaned up the beach we would enjoy swimming there.
If global warming would continue, many animals will become extinct.
If we were free on Sunday...
If he wouldn't leave...
Our planet wouldn't have so many problems if we all would respect it.
If they would ban
If you need information about local enviromental groups, I will help you find it.
If Philip saw this stary cat, he would take it home.

31 did he?
32 isn't it?
33 don't they?
34 can he?
35 doesn't she?
36 will he?

37 d
38 a
39 e
40 c

global warming

11 caused
12 reduced
13 erupted
14 servived
15 dried up

16 won't
17 won't
18 will
19 will
20 won't

41 T
42 T
43 T
44 F
45 T