It is put in zone of moderate warm climate with ocean features polish and continental. There is most warm areas silesian lowland and western part of valley Sandomierskiej, where average annual (years old) temperature totals (take away; amount to) over 8 ° C. However, there is in (to) northern most chill - eastern (eastern) poland - 6 ° C and on mountain areas 0 ° C and less. Average annual (years old) amount of weather fall totals (take away; amount to) 700 mm, amount of fall grows in mountains (top) for 1500-2000 of maximum on Kasprowym Wierchu western winds predominate on area - 2350 .mm polish - 60%. I take a stand regional winds also, sea over sea breeze, however, in mountains (top).
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I think, that it is proper to visit poland, as many highlights are here, as well as mass of curious antique for touring. I would convert my country on no other .
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