Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hmm, how will look it - the year 2100? Maybe it will be like in science-fiction film where we saw many fantastic robots or cyborgs? Or maybe will be like in Terminator where deadly machines want destroy humanity? I realy want know that but I'm not sure I will be live so long.
For as long as man kind lives on planet Earth there will be speculations about what will come in future, we can now tell that there won't be robots that'll do all our work and all we will have to do is sit and watch TV. Also its obvious that technical rush that is happening now will have results in future, we can't deny that vision of cure for cancer or robotic servants is possible, but every thing has its limit.

Jeżeli słownictwo jest trochę za trudne możesz powiedzieć że ktoś ci pomógł ;]