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Love at first sight:

Love is a beautiful feeling towards other person, this feeling can evolve from little things to very big love. Love is truly the most beautiful feeling people can get.

People talk about love at first sight, it is when you love with all your might another person with just one sight. This feeling is very often used in romantic comedies or stories, because its full of passion. Anyone can experience this kind of love, it can be in school or in cafe, but everytime this feeling is passionate and very dynamic.
I think today people think too much about getting stable, they're not passionate, there's just ''being married'' and stuff but i think there's more in word ''love''.
Love at first sight is very common in cheap-movie productions but its used in big hits too. Any kind of film, it is action film or comedie have some kind of love and love at first sight is the most common kind of love in films.
Most of good stories and books must have some love in it and love at first sight is the most romanttic and pasionate so it can touch the readers.
Authors like using this kind of feelings.

I think love at first sight is the most romantic and passionate feeling people can get from others so i think we should experience this kind of love to be more flexible with our feelings. Love make us humans.