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How are you doing? You know,I have a big problem and I need your help.
My PE teacher asked me to organise the Sport Day at school.
On this day all the kids will watch or take part in different sport competitions.
I just need to think what disciplines there will bd. And I have no idea.!
Weel, in fact I have one- we have a big swimming pool, so we could have some water sports, but is it going to be popular?
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Please help me !
I`m so stressed I can`t think of anything!
Say hello to your sister .
Ed .

błagam szybko :PP daje naj itd ;)



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Hi Ed!
I'm fine and you?I know, you have a big problem with sport's day
You should give run, football, jumping and dassketball.
I think it will be good. You should ask teacher too.And you have a swimming pool oright make soma play in pool or somethink like this.
Hello Ed
You are really big problem.I 'm going to help you.
Meybe that's jump ,run,gymnastics or throw at the basket
You have realy good idea with swimming pool becouse that's
really popular sport.Good luck