You went on a pacific island Cruise from 4 august to 18 august. Unfortunately the cabin was very small, there was no bathroom in the cabin, and the meals were disappointing. Write letter of complain.(120-180 words)------->daję dużo punktów , więc chcę żeby było to dobrze zrobione ;D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sir/Madam
Im writing This letter to complain about my Cabin For my Pacific Island Cruise from 4 August to 18 August.
Lately, Ive been on a cruise to the pacific Island. Unfortunately my cabin is too small for me. Another problem is that my cabin does not have a bathroom.
Firstly, My cabin is really small. It's not big enough for even one person! My suggestion is for you to give me a bigger cabin as the current one is no good.
Secondly, My cabin doesn't have a bathroom! I can't do the things i need to do because i don't have a bathroom. Please include a bathroom in the next cabin.
Finally, I think the meals were really disappointing. They were disgusting, and they tasted really bad. You need to make better meals next time.
I hope my suggestions come in need, as I dont really think being on a pacific island with a small cabin, no bathroom and disgusting meals is any use. Thank you.
Yours Faithfully/Sinserely,
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