Write a description of your bedroom. Include the following information:
1. do you like it? why?/ why not?
2. is the room big/ comfortable/ warm/ sunny
3. what can you see from the window?
paragraph 2
1. do you have any decorations like pictures or posters on the wall/ door
2. what kind of furniture/ appliances have you got in the room ?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I really like my bedroom. It has all the facilities I need. I love spending my free time in it. It is an average size. It is square shaped with colourful walls. It is quite comfortable and cosy. It is at the south of the house so it is always warm and sunny. The view from the window is not very interesting. I can see my backyard with some trees and bushes in it. However, at night when the sky is clear the view of blinking and shinign stars is incredible.

I don't have many decorations on the walls, though. I only have two pictures depicting beautiful landscapes and a poster of my favourite band. The furniture I have is a comfortable bed, nice wooden desk, a wardrobe where I store all my clothes and a bookshelf. I also have a desk lamp, computer and a boom box.
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