wcielasz się w super fana Leady GAGA i piszesz od kiedy ją lubisz na ilu koncertach byłaś jesli wogóle byłaś. jakie przedmioty posiadasz(koszulki zdjęcia płyty)itd. tak jak byś była superfanką
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I am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I like it since few months. Unfortunately, I could not be in any of her concerts because of the difficult travel and expenses. I have her CDs, shirts with the pictures, everything that has a true fan of her. I think she deserves as many fans because he is an amazing singer.
Lady GaGa I'm your biggest fan. I was on your 6 concerts. I love your songs. One week ago I bought your CD and T-shirt with your photo.I've got your photo on my camera too. I cant wait for the next concert.
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I'm Lady Gaga's superfan. I love her until she realesed "her hot track "Just Dance". I just fell in love with her music! She is outstanding artist. And very original! She's diffrent from teh others. I have both of her CDs - "The fame" and "The fame monster". I love them. I try to sing like Lady Gaga, but i can't. I was on her concert in Berlin with my friends. The journey was long and tiring, but when we got in the concert hall we were delighted. Gaga looks much better in reality than in video clips! I was singing with her all of her songs. I tried to get into her room to get autograph, but the security stopped me. Anyway, I have lots of things which are releted to Gaga. For example, I have T-sjirt with text of her song. I made it by myself. I just bought plain, white t-shirt and permament marker. I have lots of photos, too. Some of them are on my walls. I am planning to get a tatoo with text of "Bad romance", because it's my favourite song ever. And I hope I'll be as famous and beautiful as Gaga is.
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