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1Which item was she ordering when you saw her?
2Could they enter the room without the special key?
3Is he making tea now?
4Will you that puzzle?
5Was sheila rewriting her homework hen John was mending the crack?
6Did anyone call for a doctor?
7Have you opened the parcel yet?
8Has anyone answered that door?
9Were they hiding the gold when the police caught them?
10Was the gardener planting the flowers when Mr Green returned the spade?
11.Do they make doors and windows in that factory?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Which item was being ordered by her?
2. could they be entered without the special key?
3. Is tea being made by him?
4. Will that puzzle be done?
5. was homework being rewtited by Sheila when the crack was being manded by Jonn?
6. Was a doctor called by anyone?
7. Have the parcel been opened by you yet?
8. Has that door been answered by anyone?
9. Were the gold being hidden by them when when they were caught by police?
10. Were the flowers being planted by the gardener when the spade was returned by Mr Green?
11. Are the doors and windows in that factory made by them?