Karol Józef Wojtyła
was born on 18 May in Wadowice of Poland.
He was the youngest of three
children of Karol Wojtyła and Emilia Kaczorowska.

His mother died in 1929 when Karol was just nine years old
and his brother died three years ago.

Catechist Kazimierz Figlewicz had impact on spiritual progres young Karol.
In school he began interesting theatre and he performed in school introduction and he was
altar boy.
Karol in 1938 studied polonistic at Jagiellonien University.
In 1941 died Karol's father.
He must worked as salesman for the Solvay Chemical Factory and in quarry...

Suddenly in 1942 he began study theology.
In 1946 he was odrined a priest on 1946.
Karol Wojtyła was a writer and he learned many langues.
Then he was priest and catechist at polish school.
Freetime he spent outdoors and he traveled with young people.

In 1958 Karol Wojtyła become bishop. His motto peal "Totus Tuus".

He was first Pope from Poland and
he introduced many change in church.

In May 1981 Turkisch assasin Ali Agca shot Pape
of hand and abdomen.
Jan Paweł II had very difficult operation
in Clinic Gamelia
Pape never come back to over health.

Jan Paweł II very often executed piligrimage.He was in:
Jan Paweł II had peculiar customs. He was very important person
on over world.

Pope eagerly met with young people. Jan Paweł II to atached
to relation among people.
In 1963 he was archibishop in Cracov and four years ago he became chose as cardinal. He wrote a book "Osoba i czyn" and in 1972 book about Second Vatican

In August fallowing Paul's death he voted in the Papal Conclave that elected Pape Jan Paweł II. Over world heard words: "Habemus Papam"

Jan Paweł ll had Prkinson's illness.
13 of May 1992 laid down worlds
ills day.
Lost two months of life,
he was in hospital.
31 of March followed sudden
make worse healths.
Pope want staying to home.
In the death day Pope lost consuousness.
Weak voice said: ,,Allow me leave to fathers home".
Jan Paweł ll died on 2 April 2005 at 9:37 pm.
He died in 9666 day his pontificate.
Pope's burial was held in 8 April 2005.
In the his burial participated representatives various worlds faith.
Pope was buried in basement of holy Piotr basilica in Watykan.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Elżbieta I.mam nadzieje ze taka osoba też moze być bo ona już dawno żyła
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Urodziła sie w 1533r jako córka Henryka VII I Anny boleym.Została królową w 1558.Druga połowa 16 w była jednym z najwaznijeszym okrese4m w historii Anglii ,Jest on nazwany Okresem Elżbietańskim .Królowa była bystra inteligena kobieta ,dobrze wykształconą i odegrała ważna role w zrobieniu Brytanii nowoczesnego państwa i światowej potęgi .Jej panowanie było okresem wielkich zmian.zmarła w 1063