Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad. 9) 1 your; 2 are; 3 do you agree;4 who; 5 often; 6 what; 7 where; 8 are you wearing; 9 say; 10 which

zad. 8)
1 what are you doing on the computer?
2 I'm talking in someone in chat room.
3 Really? Where does she live?
4 But she is coming to Liverpool.
5 Does she often come to Liverpool?
6 I don't know.
7 she often comes here...
8 her brother is studying...

zad. 7)
1 What are you doing this evening?
2 I am not going out tonight
3 We are writing in English
4 Are your parents working today?
5 Javi is sitting on the sofa
6 We aren't go swimming this afternoon
7 Is the baby sleeping at the moment?
8 I'm finishing this (nie umiem się doczytać co to za słowo sorry) now.

zad. 6)
1 she's probably a good teacher
2 Marcus definitely likes rap music
3 maybe they're a little shy
4 perhaps first impressions aren't true
5 I definitely can come to your party
6 he probably wants to be your friend