People from Poland like to do shopping very much.
But, I think that they do it bad.
People often go to supermarket and buy a lot of products which they don't need. It's very expensive.
People often believe in discount (zniżki), which are lies.
They don't make a list of products which they need.
Often, they buy much cheeper products, not one, good quality.
They sometimes do shopping on saturday.
Thankt to shopping people have fun.
People from Poland like to do shopping but they can't do it.
Remember? A few years ago on your estate, there were some small shops, which walked on bread and milk. Today there are fewer and fewer. Local entrepreneurs were defeated by big companies that are behind super-and hypermarkets. What this change means for us ordinary consumers?
There's nothing like shopping in a small shop - saleswoman always know what you need, you can take to Krech. But shopping malls are nothing - especially when the nearest is located several hundred miles from home.
Poles are increasingly inclined to buy food on the Internet. Not only water, grits or rice, but also perishable products much faster. Many of us are eating tomatoes and bananas so just bought the network.