Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Warszawa, dn. 16.03.2010 r.

Jan Kowalski
ul. Wojska Polskiego 6B/1
05-220 Zielonka
tel. kom. 999 – 998 – 997

Andrzej Kowalski
Agencja Marketingowa „Plus”
ul. Malawskiego 1/57
08-164 Warszawa

I am interested in working for the Agency's Marketing "Plus" as: specialist for advertising. Offer received in the office on November Kurier Warszawski. March 16, 2010 year.
To apply for a job at your company, which has led me its reputation in the market. My goal is to become a job that would allow me to develop and utilize the knowledge acquired. I believe that I can apply for this position because of my experience - while studying the Economic High School I had a professional practice in a similar position. Fulfill, so the conditions contained in the notice. I am disposable and independent, can work in a team, easily establish contacts, my negotiation skills. I am a thorough and responsible manner, can organize themselves to work, as evidenced by the high rating of the stretch of professional practice.
To carry out the work entrusted to me certainly helps to be good knowledge of English and computer courses. I would like to exploit these advantages in working for the benefit of the company and my professional development.
If my offer will be interesting for you, I'm ready to get to the meeting and introduce yourself in an interview.


John Doe