Trzeba ułożyć dialog xd daje dużo punktów ! i naj
treść pytania :
in pairs , make up similar conversations for these situations .
A:Ask about the problem
B:Explain the problem
A:offer to help
B:accept or reject the offer

1 obrazek : I feel sick (call a doctor)
2 obrazek we're lost (give you my map)
3 obrazek ( look ! the window's broken (call the police)

Plisss pomóżcie :*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Halo?Whats the matter?
Hay. I feel bad. Very bad.
Maybe you want a medicine offer?
Yes, if you can, i'll be very happy.
Ok. So lets take a worm bubble bath.
Ok i promise. Bue and thanks.