• Użytkownik Zadane
A beautiful music resounded from the Jankiela dulcimer. How this elderly man is able nice to play on this instrument. Okay, Zosia was able to convince him for the game because really it was worthwhile hearing sounds of history which started to speak to us in this unusual music. At first polonaise 3 of May which year 1791 and events which filled us with hope and uplift reminded, that it will still be possible to rescue the independence of Poland, they gave credence into the equality of states, into the force of the reconciliation and of the national permission. Unfortunately these momentous events, which around so with joy and the optimism described Jankiel in it music stopped they were left through sounds hostile, sad, full of the bitterness, completely as the same as in our history reforms implemented by the constitution on 3 May were stopped.
Some magnates could not be reconciled with a new system of our homeland and allied with Russians invalidated the constitution. A reign of terror was established in the Republic with the help of the Russian army. Very king yielded Augustas' Stanisław Poniatowski, at his order the army stopped fighting and commanders handed in their resignation. Polish leaders, especially servicemen still made an attempt at saving the country from invaders. They involved simple souls of even peasants which out of love were ready for the homeland in the contest to die. Sounds of the dulcimer odzwierciadlały this fight, the heroism, the slaughter and the crying of innocent people. Then hope, legions in Italy, joy sounds in the Jankiela music, great thrill ” Poland didn't still get lost... ” Mazurians of Dąbrowski are heard. Soldiers under the general's command together with Napoleonic armies will liberate Poland around under of occupation of invaders and will bring the longed-for independence. Joy and the faith into better tomorrow.