Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last summer, while I was in London on a trip, me and my friends have gone out to the pub one evening.
The pub was right in the center of the city, close to Leicester Square.
We all went in and because we did not speak english too good, we had some problems ordering our drinks from the bar.
We have been struggling a lot... and then, out of the blue, Scarlett Johansson
She must have seen we were in trouble so she came to us and spoke to us in polish!
She was asking us if we don't need any help?
We were all so happy and surpriced we see her!
We have never seen Scarlett Johansson in flesh!
She looked really beautiful.
We also have been really surpriced that the star speaks polish!
Well, after she has helped us buying our drinks, we have invited her to sit down with us at the table.
Scarlett has said yes, but not for long, because her sister was waiting for her.
We have asked Scarlett how come she speaks polish?
She told us that her grandparents were polish, so she has traveled many times to Poland and has studied polish language before.
A few minutes after Scarlett has excused herself, and left us.
She has gone back to her sister.
Me and my friends could not believe what really happened and we sat quietly for a while...
It has been really amazing to meet someone famous.

ps. mam nadzieje, ze przyda sie ta historia i ze ladnie ja wymyslilam,
chyba wkrotce odezwe sie z zadanie z chemii do pana/pani, ok?