Hi mom Hi Dad !! lub Dear Mom and Dad
I'm in Swinoujscie (np). It's such a lovely place. The weather just spoils me. Every day in the morning I lay on beautiful yellow sandy beach and I take some tan (lub I suntan). In the evenings I usually use some of the (tourist)attractions which are available hear nearby. I've already seen a couple of local monuments and I am planning to see more of them.

Hugs and Kisses.

I am at the sea. I am heating sie and I am searching for the beautiful girl. Today I dove. I am staying a bit longer here 3 days
I am greeting warmly...
Hi Richard!

Like you meaby know, i am in Britan whole my holiday. Unfortunately the weather is not so good. It rains all the time. But we have what to do. For exemple, right now, we are playing scrablle. Of course i'm wining so i have time to write to you. What alles.. I miss you.. I hope we'll meet soon.

Best wishes