My hobby is music. My favourite kind of music are Pop and Hip-hop. My favourite singers is Rihanna , because she has a great songs. My favourite gruppe is Feel. I often watch VIVA music programmes.
My hobby is collecting various kinds of stamps.I think it is a very interesting hobby and sometimes it can be even profitable.
I keep my stamps in special stamp albums.
I have two big albums and four small ones.
One of these albums is for very special stamps old or rare ones.
I collect stamps with pictures of animals,plants and exotic places on them.I have also got some stamps with pictures of famous people politicians,artists and writers.
Sport is my interest. I often go with friends to the court so that play the basketball or run around. I am loving classes about the sports subject matter. I like to watch the meeting on television. Willingly I would see it with my own eyes. In the school competition I am good. When I am winning I feel happiness. It is exactly my interest.