Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Użytkownik Zadane
Well known to all animals - Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Marty the zebra, and hippo Gloria - agree to go back to the zoo in Central Park. Thanks penguin-commando, who constructed a makeshift airplane they manage to escape from Madagascar, but instead to New York, get in the middle of Africa. Find there is what they dreamed of. Have fun, przydarzają they still have more adventures, and achieve a happy, peaceful life someone always prevent them.

The adventures of four friends, who fled from America from January 1 to cinemas attract crowds. For several days in advance you book the ticket, a half-hour later, before the show to receive it, that someone does not accidentally rolled us to go nose. Unfortunately, the turnout in the room did not translate into the movie somehow.

There is no doubt that the animation to perfect what we already had time to get used to DreamWorks employees, not one bit worse. Not too disappointed, Hans Zimmer, who took care of the musical setting. But this is not enough.

O where Piotr Adamczyk, Malgorzata Kożuchowska or as giraffe and hipopotamicy acquitted themselves well and their voices sounded interesting in impersonating such characters, so much listening to Dr. Burski as the lion nie do end suits me. Poles have always considered to be masters of dubbing, but in the case of this film would do well to vote Alex'owi choose another.

Although the idea for the film itself seems to be very good, something missing in it. Do not smiling on him to tears, or we will not dwell on it for the next half day. There are several good texts, but clearly not enough. If someone chooses to focus pośmiania film as a "Shreku ', better let him be at home. The whole situation save the penguins that are reliable by far the best feature film. Demonstrate that they can fly!

The cinema was dominated by children. Around the middle of the movie, some of them out of boredom began to run into the screen umilając time. Others turned his head when he discussed the death of animals and wskakiwaniu the volcano. A lot of the film was a sad event, the early scenes appear with weapons wycelowanej the lion. Although the poacher did not have good cell, eye suffered a pet. In short - this is not a movie for children.

Most also do not understand jokes. More will be pleased with Bottle cage with a statue, pictures of nice animals, and in the middle of cola and popcorn than the movie itself. You better buy this set is offered than that provided for cinema tickets online shop. Will pay less, and more fun sprawicie child.

Conclusion. The film definitely worth seeing, if only out of curiosity, or for old ladies knocking penguins and a lion, but not in the cinema and not necessarily with children. And certainly not with the youngest. Wait until the movie appears on DVD and lend from friends.