1. She went to the cinema last night
2. I playied football yesterday
3. You ate pizza last week
4. She bought dress the day before
5. She found key five hours ago
6. I read the book one hours ago
7. She went to London in 2009
8. He sent an email to her last week.
9. She watched TV last nigth
10. They danced at disco last Saturday

1. Did you go to cinema last Sunday?
2. Did she buy this shoes last week?
3. Did you swim in lake last holiday?
4. Did he go to the restaurant the day before
5. Where was he in June?
6. Where was she last night?
7. Did you do the homework one hours ago?
8. Did she hear the music last week?
9. Did you go to the walk the day before?
10. Where was she last week?

1. She didn't go to the cinema last nigth.
2. You weren't in restaurant last week.
3. She wasn't in school yesterday.
4. She didn't dance last Sunday.
5. You dind't eat this soup the day before.
6. She didn't go to a walk last Friday.
7. You didn't do the homework yesterday.
8. She didn't lose the key last week.
9. I didn' buy this shirt yesterday
10. She wasn't in Italia last year.
3 4 3
I went to the cinema with my friends yesterday evening.
My parents drove on the lake one year ago.
When I was young I sang twice a week.
Monica went back home on foot two day ago.
Our friends watched a great horror in TV last week.
She wanted to go abrod five months ago but her parents said 'No'.
When my brother was ten he liked to play with me.
When my grandmother was young she had to wear a uniform to school.
When I came to the party, everybody left.
I went back home and ate a dinner with family on Saturday.

Did you have to go to school yesterday?
Did she write an writing two day ago?
Why did you left from the party?
How did he fall there?
Where were you in 2001?
How long did you wait for me?
When he was eight, did he play on the quitar?
Why did you change a lot two years ago?
Did you shout when you saw me?
Did you break your phone again, one week ago?

I didn't go to the theatre with them.
She didn't listen to that music.
We had to do it last Sunday.
I didn't read a book four months ago.
He didn't go to school because he was ill.
They didn't open my favourite shop on Monday.
I didn't buy soft drink because I wasn't thirsty.
They didn't finish their homework.
I didn't do make-up to school yesteraday.
She didn't write a poem for contest on Thursday.
1 5 1
1.Tom played tennis.
2.Cindy visited her cousins yesterday.
3.We watched the news on tv an hour ago.
4. J studyed for the test last night.
5.Bob travelled to Italy last summer.
6. They tidied their house yesterday.
7.We looked at the map.
8. Mum lived in London when she was young
9. Dad cooked spaghetti for us last night.
10. J stayed at my friend's house last weekend.

1.Tom didn't play tennis.
2. Cindy didn't visit her cousins yesterday.
3. We didn't watch the news on tv an hour ago.
4. J didn't study for the test last night.
5. Bob didn't travel to Italy last summer.
6. They didn't Tidy their house yesterday.
7. We didn't look at the map.
8. Mum didn't live in London when she was young.
9. Dad didn't cook spaghetti for us lath night.
10. J didn't stay at my friend's house last weekend.

1 5 1