Twierdzace :
1.I was a student
2.you were a teacher
3.you were a model
4.she a student
5.he was a aktor
6.I went to school
7. we went to cinema
8.I watched TV
9.She played computer game
10. I was a teacher

1.Was I student?
2.Were you a student?
3.Was she student ?
4. was he teacher ?
5.were we a student ?
6.did we go to school ?
7.did we go to church?
8. did we do to cinema ?
9.were they students?
10.did I go to school ?

1.I wasnt a student
.I wasnet a teacher
.I wasnet a aktor
.you werent a student
.she wasnt a student
.he wasnt a student
,we werent a student .
.we didnt go to school
we didnt go to cinema
they werent a model

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