Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Ela

writes to this letter, because I wanted to tell you about my very strange dream. I saw in his dream town in the future, I dreamed that I moved in time and saw the world would be like for some 100 years, it looked at least strange, because all the people went naked, no one wore clothes, but only some headgear , it looked pretty funny - naked men in caps or hats or berets, but that's nothing, people do not walk, but moved on rollers or roller skating, the special lanes, which will further shift of people in different directions, I did not see any cars, everywhere only naked people in czakach and rolls - a comical sight! I noticed that everyone lived in a separate house, no family, lived together, but such individual homes like these create a mini-villages such as Indians, these houses were more like tents, were low and to fall to them on all fours, in my dream world looks really weird ...